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Scientifically curated, naturally and ethically produced. Troos is a plant-based, small-batch facial oil free of synthetic chemicals and harsh detergents. Combines all that nature has to offer with the modern understanding of the importance of molecular biology and environmental health.  

Drawing on the traditional use of plants, while following modern clean beauty principals, we deliver superior small-batch skincare products through natural and sustainable formulations. All of our ingredients are carefully selected, single-origin, and ethically and rigorously tested to ensure strict purity and quality standards. Find comfort in your daily skincare rituals and overall well-being with the best in botanical luxury. 


All-Natural Ingredients

Six safely-sourced ingredients from certified growers maintaining ethical and safe practices.


jojoba oil


grapeseed oil


almond oil


rosehip oil


olive oil


french lavender


Earth-Friendly Practices


Safely sourced ingredients. No artificial chemicals are used in the manufacture or final products. Rigorous yet ethical product testing.


Troos gives Back

We donate of a portion of our proceeds annually to serve the environment. This year, we are focusing on safe and sustainable water initiatives. 


Christina Trusty Ross

Founder & Formulator

A toxicologist and clean beauty pioneer, Christina wanted to create a product line that was safe, gentle, good for you, and good for the planet. And, she wanted to love it every time she used it. Christina, the formulator behind Troos, has turned six years of sourcing and blending plant botanicals into fine, non-toxic luxury skin oils.



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